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Forward Tipping Dumper (Refresher)

Used for carrying and transporting loose materials such as sand, gravel, waste and hardcore, usually across varying terrain, the Forward Tipping Dumper is an efficient and productive piece of kit commonplace on construction sites. Hydraulic rams power the tipping or dumping function of a Forward Tipping Dumper located at the front or rear of the machine, depending on the type of dumper used.

A Forward Tipping Dumper requires a different knowledge a skill set to its rigid and rear-loading counterparts. So, while a Forward Tipping Dumper may look like a relatively simple machine to operate, there is more that workers need to know to handle each type safely, correctly and productively. This N204 NPORS certification delivers the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding of safely using a Forward Tipping Dumper and eliminating any bad habits present or forming in operation. It is specifically aimed at Plant Operators who require practical and theory-based training and assessment to use or work with a Forward Tipping Dumper.

This course will take delegates through:

  • Health and safety legislation relating to Plant Operators

  • Theoretical knowledge of plant operations

  • Forward Tipping Dumper Operator's responsibilities, including daily/weekly checks of the machine

  • All facets and functions of the equipment and use of the Operator's manual

  • Safe and best practice in practical Forward Tipping Dumper operating methods


Course Code


Cost per person

Max Participants

2 days



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