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NRSWA Sign, Lighting and Guarding (S1) - Supervisor (Novice)

This course consists of a questionnaire and monitoring delegates while they carry out the practical assessments on the below Monitoring statutory training requirement for placing signs, cones and barriers on public roads and footpaths. 

  • Understanding the requirements of the Safety at Street Works and Roadworks code of practice in relation to Traffic Management requirements in roadworks and utility works

  • Understand the safety implications of monitoring Street Works, with particular reference to the protection of persons engaged on the works and avoidance of danger to the general public.

  • Ensuring the operatives maintain the free movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic at the site, if the works are to comply with the restrictions imposed by the works and the adoption of safe working practices and the correct layout of appropriate signs, barriers, lamps, warning notices etc. in compliance with the relevant advisory documents

  • Understand conditions that may require the operatives to use special measures such as the installation of portable traffic signals, traffic diversion, road closure etc. and that they maintain the correct operation of portable traffic signals and reposition equipment as work


Course Code


Cost per person

Max Participants

2 days



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