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Safe Working in Civils

This accreditation provides basic knowledge regarding legislation and dangers associated with safe working in a utility construction environment. Learners are provided with the knowledge to understand the hazards and potential risk associated with civils works in utilities environment. This accreditation particularly is aimed at those individuals who undertake work in a telecommunication (or similar utility/construction) environment. It also enables learners to gain knowledge of compliance with Health and Safety legislation. This accreditation tests learners’ knowledge and understanding of dangers associated with these works and the safety precautions required while working in civils. This accreditation ensures that individuals working in the civils aspects of network construction and maintenance are suitably trained and understand the dangers of working in this environment. To comply with legislation, at least one person on site must also hold the appropriate Street Works Card in line with the requirements of New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA)1991.


Course Code


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2 days



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